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These nonprofits work with reporters and defenders of human rights to hold governments, corporations, media and individuals responsible for their actions. By bringing human rights abusers to justice, defending constitutional rights, and by bringing much needed transparency to activities violating human rights, this group makes sure no harmful act goes unnoticed.

Ending Discrimination

Individuals all over the world are denied certain rights and opportunities because of their ethnicity, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, and/or country of origin. Through advocacy and legal reform, this group of nonprofits creates policy and social practices to build a fair and equitable world for all.

Labor Rights

Fair pay and safe working conditions are among the key requisites for basic labor standards and a dignified life. This group of organizations actively promotes and defends the rights of workers in the global economy to prevent and end exploitative practices like slavery and child labor.

Physical Security

Death, torture, armed conflict and violent assault are among the worst violations of our basic human rights. These nonprofits focus specifically on protecting individuals and communities from physical harm-- So everyone can remain safe and secure.

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provides resources for Equality Now to mobilize partners and the public with phone calls and electronic messages to end male guardianship, “teacher” rape or child marriage.
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