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The higher education system is a critical foundation for any society and nation. Unfortunately, India's higher education system is in crisis. Nalanda 2.0 ( is on a mission to transform India’s higher education system and make it world class. Nalanda 2.0’s mission is all about empowering people and societies: educating the youth, upskilling and reskilling its professionals, addressing problems that matter to society and industries, and spurring research, innovation, start-ups, and the economy.

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The higher education system is a critical foundation for any society and nation. Unfortunately, India’s higher education system is in crisis. With a gross enrollment ratio of only 27%, with 75-90% of its graduates considered "unemployable" at the time of graduation, with none of its universities in the top 100 of global rankings and with parents spending more than $50B annually for their children's higher education, India's higher education system needs urgent and comprehensive reforms. Nalanda 2.0 is addressing this important and time-sensitive challenge and opportunity. Currently, it is actively engaged in building a world-class multidisciplinary research university, educating stakeholders, and advising governments (read more: In 2020, Nalanda 2.0’s primary focus is to pre-launch a world-class multidisciplinary research university in India. Since 2018, it has developed a master plan for this university, finalized the launch strategy, and met with government leaders in India, and philanthropists and influencers in the US, UAE, UK, Singapore, and India. In order to pre-launch the university by 2021, it needs to select the city, secure land, raise funds for the university, and complete the founding team. To do so, it needs our support to raise a total of $200,000 to continue executing its plan through 2021. Of that total, this particular fund aims to raise $25,000. Please make a generous donation to Nalanda 2.0 and help transform India's higher education system. To receive acknowlegment and future updates from Nalanda 2.0, please select "Share my name and email" while making your donation, so Nalanda 2.0 can follow up with you.


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