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Food Security and Hunger Relief

Too many people across the globe do not eat enough to keep well nourished. Widespread hunger is often exacerbated when people do not have adequate resources to produce food or protect crops against environmental damage such as drought or disease. These nonprofits are working not only to provide food for those in need, but also to ensure that people across the world are equipped with effective strategies to feed themselves.

Essential Needs and Resources

Clothing, transportation, means for communication, a bed to sleep on-- these are the necessities of a modern life and the fundamentals of a decent living. Organizations in this group provide people with the basic resources required to navigate our world, so that all people can experience adequate life standards.

Economic Empowerment

Enabling individuals to take advantage of the available opportunities for economic development involves development of human capital, infrastructure, regional competitiveness, social inclusion and literacy. By providing individuals with job and skills training, microfinance, and entrepreneurship support, organizations in this field are working to empower individuals not only to become independent from forms of aid, but also to prosper.

Durable and Safe Housing

Homelessness and inadequate housing are unfortunate realities for millions of individuals and families around the world. These organizations are working to change that fact. By providing shelter for people that is both safe and secure, nonprofits in this group strive to ensure that every person has a roof over his or her head.

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Your $20.00
can provide immunizations for 1 child: tetanus, whooping cough, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, and polio. Health training and education for families included.
Your $100.00
can buy 1 llama for a family in Bolivia: can help carry heavy crop loads to sell goods, provide wool to sell for an additional income, and help lift the burden of poverty for an extended amount of time.
Your $150.00
can provide 1 year of school breakfasts for a child in Bolivia.
Your $50.00
provides 1 household with seeds and tools for farming.
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